Our deliverables, whether at the design, construction or operational stage, are precise and not subject to interpretation. CIMA relies on a comprehensive and recognized expertise that makes it possible to optimize the return on an investment over its entire life cycle. Studies, analyses, drawings, specifications and models are produced to strict standards. Client feedback and satisfaction data are gathered systematically, and shared throughout the organization.

Whatever their nature, great projects are born from great opportunities. Our engineers are trained to integrate all of the available data into a unified, functional and dynamic whole. Our professionals prioritize a collective approach to performance, innovation and environmental protection.


Urban planning forms an integral part of development. Thanks to a long-term vision, tools adapted to local realities, and an excellent understanding of planning issues in both urban and rural landscapes, the projects entrusted to our multi-disciplinary teams are always well integrated into their surroundings.

Commercial, residential and industrial land development is central to our activities. Developers and municipalities can call upon our services at every stage of a project from pre-investment analysis to the preparation of design drawings. 

In all cases, CIMA applies consistent land development and management strategies that are optimized to increase land value over the long term and contribute to the ongoing stability and sustainable development of our communities.



We maintain a relationship of trust with our clients, which is the cornerstone of our approach. Responsible for carrying out often complex projects delivered under a variety of modes, we provide our clients with proven methods designed to ensure that their objectives are met, from the initial planning stage through to commissioning.

Our team is comprised of professionals with diverse and complementary skills. Our advanced expertise allows us to cover a full range of services required to ensure the success of the projects entrusted to us, and offer an effective one-stop approach.

We advocate using the latest technologies, including the Building information Modeling/Virtual Design Construction (BIM/VDC) method, and collaborative processes for project optimization.